Suction Diffuser

suction diffuser

Suction Diffuser is an angled straightening fitting that enables the pumping system to function at the most optimum parameters. It conditions the flow into the pump suction to ensure the highest pump efficiency retention.

The Suction Diffuser is designed to eliminate the developed recirculation zones in the inlet piping . These recirculation zones can lead to increased pressure drop across the suction and a high degree of variance in the velocity of the fluid as flow enters the pump suction. The Flow is directed into the pump suction, providing a more uniform velocity profile that reduces uneven stress on the pump impeller and shaft. As a result pump efficiency is more effectively retained, pumping system energy costs are reduced, and the life of the pump is extended.

Features and Benefits

  • Space saving elbow design facilitates a close transition between return piping and pump suction, eliminating the need for straight lengths of pipe and separate long radius elbows or reducing elbows.
  • Flow Straightening vanes /Baffle assure uniform flow pattern for pump inlet
  • Large diameter orifice cylinder prevents dust/solids from entering pump suction with lower pressure drop at the inlet of pump suction
  • Fine mesh replaces start-up strainer assures cleaner, more trouble free system
  • Completely removable internals for fast and easy maintenance.
  • Completely removable internals for fast and easy maintenance.
  • Drain Plug connection permits regular removal of dust/solids
  • Sizes : 2”X 1 ½” to 14”X14”
  • Flanged to ANSI / BS/DIN
  • MOC : CS / SS304/SS316/Higher alloys.

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